Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The last stand for financial course correction

I saw this comment on a blog and thought it succinctly summed up an inescapable reality few — least of all the pro-corporatist/pro-globalists who have overrun both the Republican and Democratic national parties, as well as mainstream media outlets — will dare acknowledge::

"Globalization, the ability of U.S. corporations to escape domestic environmental and labor standards while still accessing U.S. markets, is the root cause of both the financial meltdown and our continuing economic problems. The idea behind globalization was to put downward pressure on U.S. wages and it worked, is still working, all too well.

Global U.S. corporations don't care and don't suffer from reduced U.S. demand because the whole world, more-or-less, is now their market. This is not true for U.S. labor [purely domestic based companies], and the government gets stuck with the tab to maintain the unemployed at even a subsistence level."

Wal-Mart is a fine example of this. A corporation which for years has had a substantial segment of employees who have been forced to rely on government subsidized housing, medical and food relief just to get by. In spite of their insanely high profit margin, they still can't manage to give the bulk of their employees decent wages or benefits.

What I find particularly sad is how many of us continue to shop at globalist businesses like Wal-Mart regardless how much it has damaged our labor market and domestic economy by doing so, and yet still bitch and moan about so-called "free trade" agreements. Worst yet, a growing segment of the voting population are demanding a continuation of tax cuts to the 1-2% of the mega-wealthy who own & manage these globalist corporations whilst simultaneously demanding cuts or ceasing essential programs which lower-economic class people are forced to rely on because of this elitist-engineered globalist system. Included in this outrage is the call among conservative politicians, encouraged by conservative common folk {TEA party, et al.} to cut unemployment benefits! This even at a time when {9.8% unemployment} people need it more now than in generations.

The disconnect between the reality of what this globalist system is, what it does, who put it in place and who maintains it versus those who encourage them and yet are hurt the most by it is mind-boggling.

For all the hope that maybe things could begin to turn around {if ever so slowly} via the grassroots movement that helped elect Barrack Obama to the White House, now, 2 years later all hope seems absolutely lost. We have seen a growing pile of concessions to the banksters, corporatists, globalists and conservative ideologues peddling their failed fascist economic systems.

The pile of concessions continues to grow, power has continued to consolidate among the elitists, the wealth disparity has grown much wider, the economy is more fragile — propped up like a teetering house of cards than ever, and the drooling masses continue to agitate for more. Self-destruction has become the inevitable goal, dressed up in the populist mantra of "common sense solutions" bandied about by wannabe elitist, white trash morons like Sarah Palin.

I never really believed that we nearly underwent a total economic armageddon back in '07. Instead, I believed that if we didn't make DRASTIC changes to the system which has been in place for decades and became far more entrenched during the Clinton and Bush presidencies, that a real economic apocalypse was certain. Little has been done to correct anything, and as it stands today nothing will be done. That brings us to all hope is lost.

I think extending these irresponsible & unnecessary tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% of our population may be the last indicator left as to whether those who enact and enforce our laws are even remotely capable of saving the country from ruin. I've made so many apologies for President Obama and the Democrats overall for exercising compromise, and I do understand how politics works. Even the stalling on DADT I've been understanding of, but this... I'm done with the Democrats if this things passes and gets signed into law.

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