Monday, January 18, 2010


  • Eboo Patel, executive director of the Interfaith Youth Core, recently discussed in USA Today was discussing the inability of moderate Muslims to influence Islamic extremists:
“Here's the sad truth: mainstream Muslims have zero influence over extremists. In fact, if one of those guys had a single bullet in his fun and you and I were up against the wall, he would shoot me me first. He hates me more because not only do I not follow his perverse vision of Islam, I also represent an alternative interpretation. He insists Islam requires domination; I suggest Islam inspires cooperation.
This really puts things into perspective... It also clarifies why it is not only foolish but extremely dangerous to believe that perhaps these extremists can be reasoned with.

  • As usual, on This Week, Liz Cheney was trying to score some political points for the GOP over recently revealed comments by Democratic Sen. Harry Reid. But none other than conservative columnist George Will took her to task, utterly dismissing the partisan indignation from Republicans who have suddenly become racially sensitive to the point of political correctness:
“I don't think there's a scintilla of racism in what Harry Reid said. At long last, Harry Reid has said something that no one can disagree with, and he gets in trouble for it. [...] Did he get it wrong? [...] Did he say anything false?” 
Still, Liz tried hard to push the 'it's racist to point out the truth' meme:
"these are clearly racist comments, George."

But George wouldn't hear of it:
“Oh, my, no.” 

You heard it, Liz. Stated by a true conservative, not a neoconservative partisan hack like yourself...

  • Also pertaining to the Sen. Reid controversy, I thought Wanda Sykes summed up nicely that, regardless how poor the choices of words might have been, Harry Reid was revealing a harsh reality of racism in this country:
“Harry Reid is right! Come on! We all know that if Barack Obama looked like Wesley Snipes, and spoke like Soulja Boy... The only thing he'd be president of is B.E.T.”
Yep, that's a fact.

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