Saturday, January 30, 2010

Historic meeting

President Obama had a historic meeting with GOP leaders on Friday.  I had worked up some highlights from it and some commentary, but due to a browser crash and Blogger failing to create a recent draft, it's disappeared into the ether. And I'm not about to start over. . .

So, here is a transcript. I really liked what The President had to say, especially his focus on how the political rhetoric and grandstanding has boxed both sides into being forced to constantly demonize the other side and never reach a compromise.

They better get this in order, because while the minority bases of both parties eat this stuff up, independents — the mainstream majority of this country — are sick to death of it!

I really hope to see a lot more of this in the future,though hopefully with less talking-points and posturing next time.... I also hope such exchanges will be televised. It gives us all a glimpse into who is willing to work with the other side, come to agreements, rather than just try to score political points for future elections.

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