Thursday, January 07, 2010

Exposing Republican lies

Rachel Maddow does it again. She nailed the lies being perpetrated by several leading Republicans, including former Vice President Dick Cheney, Sen. Jim DeMint, Congressman Pete Hoekstra, RNC Chairman Michael Steele, and Congressman Peter King.

I'm really glad that these goons are getting called out on this (Huffington Post article). I'm really fed up with the blatant lies being perpetrated by these partisan hacks who put scoring political points ahead of rallying around their President. A President who, unlike the previous one, is putting a desperately needed focus on combating Islamic extremist groups in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen.

On a similar thread of GOP reckless, partisan, dishonest hyperbole — an article at the Daily Beast

[EDIT: Count former Mayor and Presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani to the list. These liars just completely ignore the facts, reality, events from the past 8 years, and using craven deception they try to capitalize on terrorist attacks (or attempts) to further their political agendas. It's disgusting. It's unpatriotic.] 

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