Thursday, December 03, 2009

Well done, Mr. President

Due to some personal issues in my life at the moment, I am not going to provide as much detailed commentary as I had planned, but I will say that I was very impressed with President Obama's speech at Westpoint this past Tuesday on the "Way Forward in Afghanistan and Pakistan". I emphatically agree with his take on the Afghanistan situation, our role in it, and why we should put an increased focus in gaining stability for the region. I've always been impressed with how Mr. Obama (supposedly the uber-liberal) has shown himself to be a pragmatist who understands that sometimes war is, in fact, necessary. I've also been impressed that he has shown himself to be someone who correctly knows the difference between necessary wars and unnecessary, unlike those who ran against him in 2008.

In spite of naysayers, I believe the President gave a great deal of deliberation on the matter, far more so than President Bush ever did. While Karl Rove may claim that it took Bush & Co. 50+ days to "remove the Taliban from power in Afghanistan", and though he may pontificate about how long it took President Obama to make what I believe is a wise decision in Afghanistan, I would bring to his and his apologist's attention that the Bush administration that he was a part of had 8 long years to create real stability in Afghanistan and they failed. I would also remind Karl Rove and his apologists that the current President is having to send tens of thousands more U.S. combat troops to keep the Taliban from returning to power & al-Qaeda from re-gaining a safe haven in Afghanistan 8 long years after Bush & Co. supposedly made defeating both a priority...

Seriously, after 8 long years of dithering, these imbeciles who are a shame to their country should refrain from trying to score partisan political points and instead support this President who is showing a real commitment to repairing their monstrous fuck up. At least give him two years, a quarter of the time you had, then you can run your hypocritical mouths all you want.

My other thought on this development about the troop build-up is that, though I expected as much, I'm very disappointed by some of the reaction on the left to the President's decision. There is so much disingenuousness from the likes of Keith Olbermann, Rachel Maddow, some members of Congress, and various left-wing pundits and bloggers. Comedian Bill Maher even took it upon himself to refer to the President as "Barry", which was as immature as those knuckle-dragging, uninformed, right-wing conspiracy theory nuts who have invented the myth that Barack Obama was born "Barry Obama" and later changed his name to Barack, like some sort of militant Black Panther member. Mr. Maher also went on to dishonestly compare President Obama's speech to Mr. Bush's.

I'd like to remind some of these people that in addition to the fact that al-Qaeda have repeatedly used terrorism against us and our allies and have vowed to do so again, and in addition to the fact that regaining a safe haven in Afghanistan is a threat to our national security, that many of these folks used to claim in their opposition to the Iraq war that Afghanistan was indeed the legitimate war all along. And just because they may have used this claim to dispel accusations that they were, in fact, anti-war peaceniks who oppose war at all costs for naive ideological reasons, they should know that some of us are going to hold them to their words and their positions.

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