Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank you, Chris Matthews!

Chris Matthews had a good show on Wednesday. A testy exchange between Republican neoconservative apologist Ron Christie and left-wing, son of the former President, Ron Reagan.

They discussed the joke that is Dick Cheney, though it's not a damn bit funny that this amoral former Vice President and not-yet-convicted war criminal, has gone on the rampage again, declaring that the current President of the United States is giving "aid and comfort" to the enemy through some of his policies. Chris is exactly right, this is constitutional language, an accusation of treason.

Ron Christie is so devoid of integrity; he's just a Republican propagandist and, as Chris Matthews introduced him, a "long-time loyalist to Dick Cheney", of which he seems to be quite proud. This speaks volumes to his lack of character and scruples.

This was just the latest example in what a truly despicable, evil man, Dick Cheney is, to advocate so vociferously for torture, to be such a proponent for detaining people without trial or even charge, indefinitely, and lest we forget, it was through his lies and manipulation that we were dragged into the unethical, unnecessary morass that has been the Iraq War.

Later on the show, Democratic Congressman Alan Grayson (though correct in his sentiment) showed what I thought was a real lack of class for an elected representative of the people when he responded to a question about Dick Cheney's most recent accusations of treason against our sitting President.

When asked by Chris Matthews, "How far is [Dick Cheney] going to go so he gets to speak at the next Republican Convention?" To which Congressman Grayson responded, "I don't know. You know, on the Internet, there is an acronym that is used to apply to situations like this. It's STFU. I don't think I can say that on the air, but I think you know what that means."

Shut the fuck up. Yes, and Cheney most definitely needs to do so. He's done enough irreparable harm to this country and really should be in a prison somewhere, but that remark was seriously juvenile for a man of his position. By the way, I think Mr. Cheney has already landed that speaking gig at the Republican convention.

But this from Congressman Grayson was just hilarious: "I remember Bush Jr. kissing Prince Abdullah on the cheek... ...and then holding his hand for an extended period of time. Maybe if he let him get to second base, then gasoline would be $1 a gallon."

Seriously, to all those who are criticizing the President for having showed a sense of decency and respect in bowing to the Japanese Emperor, as is in keeping with Japanese culture and custom, shut the fuck up. Where were your criticisms during the frequent truly humiliating blunders of George "Dubya" Bush on his misadventures abroad? And strolling in the garden holding hands with the Saudi King, the Saudis who are far more an enemy to the interests of this country than the Japanese will ever be!

An interesting bit of information came up on this show. Bruce Springsteen, of which I am a fan, declined to perform at the inauguration of newly elected Governor of New Jersey, Republican Chris Christie, who is a huge Springsteen fan. Many celebrities would have just taken the money, but Mr. Springsteen, a Democrat, put principle ahead of money. Good for him.

I saved the best for last, Chris defined progressivism and contrasted it to a more radical approach:
"A progressive is somebody that moves along step by step, so that everybody can get aboard, so that we have a democratic process that gets aboard this new change that we're going into."

"A radical is someone who wants everything the way they want it now." ~ Chris Matthews

BINGO! This is why, though I am conservative/libertarian in regards to certain issues, I have long considered myself to be largely a progressive. Not a "liberal" pushing more radical, immediate, fundamentalist-type change. No. A "progressive" who mostly supports moving forward gradually, deliberatively, reasonably, sensibly, creating consensus along the way and achieving better results because of it. I have no patience and no tolerance for those who undermine this and generally pursue radicalism.

And yes, there are a lot of liberals these days, like Congressman Grayson, who call themselves progressives in an effort to appear more moderate, but they're not.

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