Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Some of us still support decency

A contributor to the Independent Gay Forum has the right idea about the harm that stunts like Adam Lambert's at the American Music Awards can inflict on our community by perpetuating stereotypes of licentiousness. It's a good article with some great points. This segment summed it up nicely:
"Adam Lambert, you may say that “I’m not trying to lead the fucking way for the civil rights movement that we’re in right now,” but the fact is that we ARE in a struggle for our civil rights and you are a pop culture figure (thanks in no small part to the support of gays and gay allies.)

"We are in a dangerous moment. Our political allies are quickly backing away from us, thanks to losses on gay marriage in California and Maine and the Democratic loss of the governorship in New Jersey.

"Whereas just over a year ago it seemed like gay marriage was an inevitable wave sweeping the country - and a tsunami in New England, New Jersey and New York — now it feels like the tide has turned. The hate crimes bill victory was followed by a vicious hate crime in Puerto Rico. We have hearings on ENDA, which could go either way. We have Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell hearings which are being put off until 2010. We have a President who isn’t sure he is our friend.

"And what is the mainstream most worried about, Adam Lambert? Why are they afraid of our partnerships, our service to our country, our working lives, our families? They are worried because they think gay life is exactly what you portrayed on the American Music Awards: focused on the kind of sex that turns people into animals (almost literally, in this case, with crawling dancers leading you on leashes), geared toward enticing children (ABC is a network owned by Disney, for heaven’s sake), degrading, rapacious, empty.

"This is why mainstream America votes against gays, Adam Lambert. Not because of people who have families and jobs and bills and weddings. Because of people like you, who use sexuality thoughtlessly in order to advance your own agenda, instead of thinking about the very real consequences your actions will have on others’ civil rights."

Here's my comment. Naturally, Mr. Lambert has his defenders, people that seem to want to just keep pushing that envelope on what qualifies as decent. Or do they want to completely remove the concept of decency? I wonder...

I've been having an exchange with one guy who defends Mr. Lambert as a gay artist he can "admire"... Seriously? Might I suggest we aim higher... My latest post.

There was some very pithy comments in opposition to Mr. Lambert's performance, and the support of it.


[REDACTED: the blogger whose quotes were here turned out to be a homosexual-hating bigot with an agenda to work against the equality movement]

"Why should I care about getting rid of the double standard so that Adam Lambert can portray oral sex on stage when I think the standard is awful?" ~ Jorge

Alas, brevity is not a gift I have yet acquired.

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