Monday, December 28, 2009


  • Leave it to the media... In this case TMZ and the Daily Beast. On the "Cheat Sheet" at the Daily Beast the 22nd story was titled, "JFK on a Boat With Naked Women?" which claimed "TMZ has released a previously unpublished photo that appears to show John F. Kennedy tanning on a boat as two naked women jump off into the ocean, and two more tan in the nude on the upper deck. The photo, believed to be taken during a Mediterranean boat trip that then-senator JFK took with brother Ted Kennedy and Senator George Smathers in 1956, has been authenticated by multiple experts."
A bombshell, right!? Wrong. At the same "Cheat Sheet", story number 6 is titled, "Sexy JFK Photo a Fake". According to the story, "TMZ now says that the color photo is a fake: It ran in Playboy in 1967." Does this mean the next time TMZ informs the public of something as if it's verified we can just ignore it? This might be a good idea, yes.

Ah, where's Orly Taitz when you need her?

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