Sunday, December 13, 2009


I have decided to try something new. I often read little blurbs in magazines or hear remarks on TV that, to me, really seem to get at the heart of something or really illicit a response, but, there is no venue to do so. Then I realized, well, yes, actually there is. Right here.

This is what I will be doing with my posts titled (and taggged) 'musings'... Consider it sort of like a twitter feed (which I don't have, nor want), only less constrained and with more substance.

  • According to James Poniewozik in Time magazine a few weeks ago, Sarah Palin said on Oprah Winfrey's show, "You don't need a title to make a difference..."

This is true. One certainly does not require a title, like governor, to achieve some improvement in one's community. However, in regards to you, Ms. Palin, and your former title as Governor of Alaska, you were elected to a public office. Chosen among the residents of Alaska to fulfill that duty to the best of your ability, providing responsible leadership and honestly representing your constituents for one term. You made it half way through that term and then decided to quit.

You gave up, and shirked a huge responsibility in the process. That was your decision to make and now you must accept certain consequences of that decision. Don't expect to be respected for it. And don't expect folks to take you seriously as a political figure in the future. There really is no legitimate reason to entrust you with public office again.

  • Apparently at a closed-door, no-cameras-allowed event held for Sarah Palin, she instructed her audience of sycophants: "Don't let anyone ever tell you to sit down and shut up."
Don't worry, I won't. I will not be marginalized; I will not be disenfranchised; and I will not be silent. This is directed especially to those social conservatives who think they can dictate people's personal lives through legislation, as well as those "populist" fascists like yourself who think you are the arbiters of what qualifies as "real America" and "real Americans".

  • On Friday's edition of Hardball, when setting up his segment with Dr. Brenda Ekwurzel, Chris Matthews said of anthropogenic climate-change deniers who incessantly stand in the way of efforts to limit carbon-emissions and convert the nation & world to greener technologies, "we're not going to appeal to the far right; we're not going to appeal to the deniers watching tonight because they do not want to hear anything that gets in the way of their piggish attitudes. But let's talk about those who would like to save this planet for future generations and don't just want to eat it up between now and their own personal retirements."
That basically sums up the mentality of these disingenuous people right there — complete and utter selfishness. They'd rather save their bottom lines today and score political points than save the lives, property, environment and expense of future generations who will without doubt suffer greatly on all four fronts from our inaction today. Disgusting.

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