Sunday, December 06, 2009

More misguided defense of Adam Lambert

More knee-jerk over-reaction from some members of the homosexual community. Some are all fired up, invoking "bigotry" and "hypocrisy", and ready to start a boycott. Soon to follow from the anti-homosexual crowd: more claims that the gay community yet again defends the indefensible. All this because Adam Lambert has been criticized to some degree and apparently censored by ABC for his lewd performance at the American Music Awards.

I believe in calling out bad behavior when I see it, and that goes for my community as well. We take a lot of flak for being an "immoral" crowd. I believe in challenging both those who claim this, and those among us who make this portrayal seem an accurate description. My comment at Another comment at The Daily Beast.


I received the sort of defensive reactions I expected to get from my post at Queerty. One guy even claimed that he suspected I wasn't actually gay, obviously, because why would a gay guy not get in line to defend the behaviors of other gay guys no matter the incident as membership in the gay community demands... Another guy insinuated that I am an "anti-equality" "neanderthal" who "rails against" gays. He also advocates censorship. Typical. Such conformist sheep incapable of critical thinking, intellectual honesty and objectivity. My responses here and here.

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