Wednesday, December 30, 2009

I am convinced

From early on I have been supportive of the war in Afghanistan. Whereas I opposed the war in Iraq, and knew it to be unjustified, unnecessary and reckless, I have believed the opposite is true of the war in Afghanistan. To this day I still support the war there and President Obama's decision to send more troops as part of Gen. McChrystal's counter-insurgency plan.

I recall being very impressed during the presidential campaigns that while many anti-war liberals had begun to turn their propaganda machine against the Afghanistan war, Barack Obama was clear in distinguishing between the unnecessary war in Iraq and the quite necessary war in Afghanistan.

A few years ago, many of those same liberals claimed to know this distinction as well, but somewhere along the lines — perhaps through a taste of increased power by the Democratic party over the reigns of government — their anti-war ideologies kicked in and they decided that Afghanistan is absolutely hopeless and without purpose. I and many others haven't wavered. Should not waver. Certainly not yet. And I feel very comfortable knowing that we have a President who hasn't wavered on this either.

I'll waste no time trying to convince those who foolishly believe that we can somehow negotiate with terrorist organizations like al-Qaeda. But to those who supported the war in Afghanistan — believing it was unfortunate but necessary — who have since changed their mind about our presence there, I urge them to give the President some time.

Give stability in Afghanistan one last chance. Just a few more years could turn things around there. Afterall, it will be the first opportunity this new Administration has had yet. And it will be their only chance. Even Gen. McChrystal and others have stated that we really only have one last opportunity to turn things around there, and if we can't accomplish this in the next 2 years then there is nothing else that can be done.

It is absolutely vital that the area is made more secure. Vital to the region. Just because the Bush administration dithered for 7 long years, this is no reason to throw up our hands and resign ourselves, Afghans and the entire region as a whole to defeat.

What is it that makes me so sure that all of this is worth it? A lot of things, including the firm belief that the consequences of failing are far, far worse than trying. However, three interviews earlier this month on Charlie Rose's program certainly helped reconfirm to me that we are on the correct path.

I highly recommend watching these interviews:
Gen. McChrystal - 12/9/2009
Adm. Mike Mullen - 12/3/2009
John Kerry - 12/2/09

There are no direct links yet at the website, but the interviews are streaming under the "Recent Shows" tab.

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