Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Take that, conservatives!

As of now it appears that Conservative party candidate Doug Hoffman is going to lose the special election in the 23rd congressional district of New York. Democrat Bill Owens has a 4-point lead, though there are still some precincts that have not reported and there are potentially some 10K absentee ballots which could make a difference.

If Mr. Hoffman does lose then this is a fantastic outcome! For one, it means a Democrat won a district that has been Republican since 1993. And it could be yet another indicator of a sort of national sea change that has taken place over the past several years in favor of progressivism over conservatism.

More importantly, perhaps, it also suggests that the theory among conservatives that it is the moderates of their party that is causing them to lose election after election is seriously flawed. Anyone with any common sense who has bothered to notice left-of-center Democrats have been winning more elections, including the presidency would see the obvious error in such thinking, but actual election results where this theory is tested is hard to argue against.

Nonetheless, look for them to try. Conservative pundits will be in full spin-mode tomorrow. Which is fine. They can keep telling themselves that they must purge the “RINO’s” {Republican In Name Only} from their party and get more ultra-conservatives to run, eventually the right-wingers will be effectively discredited as they lose more elections to this failed strategy. Then the Republican party can get back down to the necessary business of trying to balance out our two-party system.

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