Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Such effort for such triviality?

Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog has temporarily paused while he and his staff take the time to read, digest and dissect ex-governor and VP candidate Sarah Palin's new book 'Going Rogue'. This seemed, to me, a massive waste of his/their/our time.

While I think it's extremely important that journalists and analysts take great pains to actually study a subject or an event or a piece of work and then provide an objective assessment of it, and while I think it is becoming increasingly necessary that more professionals in the business take the time to do this, and while I commend Andrew Sullivan for doing so, I'm perplexed as to why he would go to so much effort for something as seemingly trivial, written by someone as lacking of substance as Sarah Palin.

I'd guess that he's wanting to read the book and pick it apart for errors, gaffes and inconsistencies, presenting a complete picture of it rather than releasing it in drips and drabs. He should have an easy enough time at this...

I left a comment over at about Sarah Palin and the possible dangers that her brand of "populism" could quite possibily lead to — i.e. right-wing fascism.

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