Friday, November 27, 2009

The neverending debate...

An interesting article over at The Washington Post regarding how benefits for same-sex couples are expanding even as the same-sex debate rages on and the losses for our community mount.

This ties into a very brief article over at the Gay where I left a comment.

I also left a comment over at The Daily Beast. Naturally, the usual long-winded, vitriolic, impassioned debate ensued. Some highlights:

Challenging the arguments in favor of substituting same-sex civil "unions" for same-sex civil "marriage" as a compromise (here and here).

Turning around the claim that conservative Christians who make a habit out of judging and lecturing homosexuals aren't hateful, they're doing it out of "love".

There was lots of debunking the typical canards about homosexuals being disproportionately pedophiles. Some people love to cling to the notion that men who have sex with male children are "homosexuals". Too bad for them that intellectual honesty gets in the way. If one wants to be less technical about differentiating sexual orientations (and be consistent) then one could claim that men who have sex with male children are homosexuals but we'd have to proclaim that men who have sex with female children are heterosexuals.

One genius, who calls him/herself, "thinkitout"opined:
"Gay Rights: If gay rights are passed, what is going to prevent two guys, or two women, that are not Gay, to move in together and claim theiy are Gay, just to get the benefits of a married man and woman? Would they have to perform, to prove that they are Gay. Why not give the same rights to non Gay couples that just live together and are not married?"
Next time, try thinking it through... The obvious answer was succinctly provided by another blogger in the form of a question: "What prevents a man and a woman from getting married just for benefits?"

And I must say, one blogger pulled out an argument that I've never seen used before, and for someone that has debated this issue as much as I have, that's saying something:
"when muslims look at america and seening same sex couplesare entiled to the same benfits a man and a woman are entitled do it makes them believe rightly so that we are a heathen nation and should be destroyed as was SODOM ANd gomorrah and if GOD wont they will guite simply."
In other words, if we hope to stop terrorism by Islamist extremists we should probably do as certain Christianist extremists would have us do here and outlaw homosexuality completely and segregate homosexuals from society, or eradicate us altogether... New argument against equality for gays: we must appease terrorists.

Of course, they weren't all negative. Not at all. A good supportive post here. And this one was brief but covered a lot of the important bases.

Now there were numerous posts by a blogger who obsessively comments — almost exclusively — on threads dealing with homosexuality.

I've dealt with him/her numerous times now. He (I can only assume), goes by the nickname "Aslanleon". I'm not sure what this is supposed to stand for, a Chronicles of Narnia reference? As in "Aslan" the lion which symbolized a Christ-like figure? (pretentious much...) He reminds me so much of an irascible old curmudgeon tht I used to debate over at the Springfield News-Leader a few years back. Seriously, the arguments laid out, the style, the twisted logic, the evasions, everything he offers is uncannily similar to those of that old bigot "Pioneer".

I actually found two lines from 'Aslanleon' to be the most identical to that blogger from years back. One was this comment when asked why things always turn "vile" when same-sex marriage comes up: "It's called the "Ech!" factor."

I recalled two nearly identical lines from Pioneer (verbatum), "Simple biology should tell a person that much, but apparently he [me] doesn’t believe in science, hence he must use chemical substances to prevent tears and scarring when misusing the human body in service to the evil one. They disgust me so much that I call them The Yuck Factor. Yetch!" and "more advertising for the disgusting habits of the homosexual crowd, yuck factor and all."

When 'Aslanleon' was asked what it is about homosexuality that frightens some heterosexuals so much:
"Some of us are bored, and some of us are disgusted, but I don't know anyone who's frightened. What's wrong with getting all the legal rights of marriage?" (entire post)  
But not too "bored" to comment incessantly about this issue — dozens of posts per thread by the same guy. And the remark is just classic 'Pioneer'. He used to get so worked up over the term "homophobia". Over and over he would defensively insist that it isn't fear, "nay", its [insert random bullshit here]. He would claim that "homophobia" is a "made up word" that doesn't actually exist, and derisively refer to it as "homo fearbia", even taking to the use of terms like "heterophobe" and "Christophobe" to describe homosexuals and those who are in favor of recognizing equal rights for homosexuals. Seriously. Admittedly, I haven't seen these words crop up yet. But then most bloggers haven't been dropping "homophobe" either, so...

In spite of all this odd coincidence, I seriously doubt it's the same person due to some of his personal revelations, they just don't quite add up. Then again, this blogger at The Daily Beast could be lying about some of his personal experiences.

No, I think the logical explanation as to how these two bloggers on two completely different forums (one local the other national) can be so glaringly similar is that these pseudo-intellectual, socially conservative, religious old farts who like to play themselves off as being well-read, down-to-Earth 'good ole Real Americans' are just carbon copies of each other. They rely on sweeping generalizations, outdated information, guilt-by-association and character assassinations to justify their prejudices and advocate their agenda of persecution against homosexuals and same-sex couples.

No originality, really, they just literally haul out every argument they can possibly think of to see which one will stick. If one gets knocked down, they tangentially offer another.  And they do this over and over and over again every time a new thread is started on this subject. And on and on we go.

Fortunately, though the old forums were mostly taken down, some still remain. I always made it a point to use 'Pioneer's' most obviously bigoted rhetoric against him in those times when he would try to pretend to reasonable folks that he's not actually bigoted toward homosexuals (or Muslims, or Pagans, or athiests, etc.).

And we are again, different forum, different blogger, I'm doing my part to challenge the same old propaganda parade...

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