Tuesday, November 10, 2009

'Liberals' should tone it down, or expect more backlash

Keith Olbermann revealed a lot of truth about the Carrie Prejean farce on his show tonight. But I must say, Mr. Olbermann closed with a gesture at the end of the show that was downright crude and I'm wondering how much attention it will get.

He signed off the show making a reference to honesty while holding up two-fingers, mimicking the Boy Scouts oath. He then looked off camera and paused, for comedic effect, and while invoking Ms. Prejean held up three fingers mimicking the Boy Scouts, three-finger salute, alluding to the Girl Scouts. (unfortunately the video on MSNBC's website does not include the very close of the show where the incident happened. I'll post it here if that part of the video becomes available online)

This would be seemingly innocent in itself, if it were not for the fact that the segment was largely in response to the scandal involving Ms. Prejean and the (solo) sex video of her that has been circulating lately. It doesn't take an all too vivid imagination to put together the intentional 2 (then 3) finger salute gesture, the context of the situation, and Mr. Olbermann's not-so-subtle, sophomoric style to discover just exactly what was meant — female masturbation and how many fingers it would require in Ms. Prejean's case.

Now I like shows like Jon Stewart's, Bill Maher's and Stephen Colbert's not just in spite of but because of their crude and irreverent styles, and I certainly don't mind a bit of that on shows like Keith Olbermann's and Rachel Maddow's, but it can be easily overdone and undermines any credibility they might otherwise be trying to convey.
Honestly, I think this kind of stuff really turns off moderate, politically-centrist people in this country, and why such people are turning away from some mainstream media sources, specifically MSNBC, as well as Democrats and a left-of-center stance on issues. I think a lot of folks don't like the harsh rhetoric, the crass jokes, the insulting commentary. It all smacks of being juvenile and petty.

It certainly doesn't help when some, like Mr. Olbermann go out of their way to personally insult conservative "heroes" Sarah Palin, Joe 'the Plumber' and Carrie Prejean, and make disparaging remarks about their intelligence. Much of which, admittedly, is apparent.

Perez Hilton, the militant homosexual activist & blogger who judged the Miss USA 2009 contest, later referred to Carrie Prejean as a "dumb bitch". That she may be, but the shrieking thug here, Perez Hilton, isn't going to garner much sympathy. Instead, Ms. Prejean, for which no sympathy is legitimately earned, gets the sympathy from middle-of-the-road folks who make up the majority population and majority opinion in this country. Don't care? They will in upcoming elections.

I believe if you look around at those who think and vote independently of partisan ideology, like many who supported Barack Obama and other Democrats in 2008, you'll see some common-threads. One of those is that "liberals" have become too arrogant, too condescending, too elitist and generally amoral. And I think certain media personalities, including Mr. Olbermann whom I have watched religiously for years, is contributing to this.

I'm sure this is why more misguided folks are turning up in support of the Tea Party movement (which some liberals refer to as "teabaggers" for its sexual reference) and look to "news" sources like Fox News. This is in no way good for the overall progressive movement in this country, and so, I wish more of these people would take a step back.

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