Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New propaganda for the Left's anti-war agenda

The Washington Post is reporting that senior White House official and former marine corps captain, Matthew Hoh, resigned in protest over the war in Afghanistan. The liberals seem to be just eating it up, too. It's headline news over at the Huffington Post. Look for it tonight all over MSNBC tonight. Speaking of which, this ties in nicely to what Arianna Huffington called for a few weeks back when she suggested Vice President Joe Biden resign in protest over the war in Afghanistan.

For months now, ever since drawing down in Iraq seemed a real and inevitable possibility via President Obama, the left (and some on the right) have been employing the same rhetoric and tactics to pressure the government into ending our involvement in the conflict there. They, in fact we, were correct in opposing the war in Iraq. But not so in Afghanistan.

I supported this war under the Bush administration, though I felt that the administration grossly mishandled it. Bush & Co. took our eyes off the ball in Afghanistan so as to push their Neocon geopolitical agenda in Iraq and the situation in Afghanistan slowly deteriorated from neglect. (see retired Gen. Paul Eaton's spot-on assessment)

 Nonetheless, now that we actually have a president who is giving Afghanistan (and Pakistan) the attention it desperately needs, many on the left are doing their level best to stop and reverse our involvement there. In the past few years I felt this time might very well come. In spite of their often repeated claims over the years that they weren't merely a bunch of ant-war defeatists as those on the right had characterized them, many who opposed the war in Iraq did not oppose it merely for the lack of justification for it, nor the imperialism that it smacked of, but rather simply because it was a war.

When it comes down to it, many on the left clearly do not want the United States to involve itself in any war, at any time, for any reason. And if they get their way, we are doomed.

In closing, I respect Mr. Hoh's decision, it was his to make. I wish more government officials like him would have had the courage to have resigned over the travesty that was the war in Iraq. However, I think Mr. Hoh is wrong about the war in Afghanistan. Grim though it is, it is also a war of necessity. We cannot afford to lose even more ground there. Pakistan can't afford that. The region can't afford it. 

My comment at the Daily Beast.

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