Friday, September 25, 2009

Modern conformity

I found this article to be another case in point of the regression that civilization is (still) undergoing these days. The article discusses some of the new designs in clothing that allows Muslim women to be more physically active whilst conforming to Islamic "modesty" standards. While I can understand how Muslim women who are interested in conforming to patriarchal standards would prefer these designs over, say, more conventional burqas which are basically body-tents, still, I find it a tragedy that many are embracing conformism over rejecting draconian customs.

I most definitely find attempts to make it easier to adhere to draconian social standards a step back from progress. I think these women would be best served by refusing to adhere to backward, archaic religious mores that ultimately force them to be substandard. I'm concerned that rather than rejecting religious social extremism, there is a trend toward embracing it whilst attempting to reconcile this with modern society.

Part of what concerns me is that it isn't enough for Muslim societies to conform to Sharia law. Just like with the Danish Cartoons in Denmark, there seems to be a certain expectation of Westerners to embrace primitive religious codes over egalitarian jurisprudence. As someone who loves freedom and civil liberties I refuse to conform to the backward beliefs of others, especially those whose beliefs are contradictory to my own and to my nation's.

In countries that embrace freedom people are free to do what they want. If women want to wear "burqinis" then that is their business. But any attempt to require conformity from women (or men) who reject such nonsense in free countries should be met with stern.

I thought I'd add some "sacrilegious" images as my own personal protest against the extremist expectation of some to deny rights to freedom of speech and expression.

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