Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Finally moving on, or still spinning the wheels?

So tomorrow {technically today} is the big day in North Carolina & Indiana. How many of these "Super Tuesday's" have we had now, anyway? Too many!

Some -mostly Republicans- are saying {hoping} that it's going to be a Clinton upset. I don't see that happening. Even after seeing the national humiliations that were the 2000 and 2004 elections, I just can't believe that there could really be that many stupid voters. Could there be? ...I'm going to put my cyncism aside and have some faith in Americans, I can lament misplaced faith later, if need be.

Most political pundits are giving North Carolina to Obama, Indiana to Hillary. Objectively-speaking, I tend to agree. How many states has she claimed in some way to be from, anyway? I think the count by now is Arkansas, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and now Indiana... She would have claimed Chicago, her birthplace, but I think even she realized that Illinois wasn't going to accept that ruse on Barack's home turf. Seriously now, shouldn't there be a limit to how many times one can play the 'local-girl makes good' claim?

John McClaughlin, of the McClaughlin Group predicted Obama will win NC with some comfort and win IN by a slim margin. I desperately hope he's right. I know even this wouldn't stop the Clinton Machine from trudging on. Most likely, Bill & Hillary are going all the way to the convention. I saw a political cartoon the other day that seemed fitting. It was of Obama being sworn in as President, Hillary was in the crowd sitting on a disgruntled-looking Bill Clinton's shoulders shouting her oath decree - January of 2009 and still insisting that SHE is the rightful heir.

Still, if Hillary loses two more contests then that would take some of the wind out of her sails. Many women will rush to her aid, again, with donations and the requisite "glass-ceiling" hyperbole, nonetheless, more "superdelegates" {one of the most un-democratic notions I've ever heard of} will be convinced of the all too obvious reality that she simply cannot win in November.

There is another angle to this. Losing NC and IN could have a domino effect ensuring that she loses the remaining primaries. If she were to lose every contest between now and June 3, she would all but have to drop out. The calls for it would be so deafening that even she couldn't ignore it any longer. If she does lose both primaries tomorrow, for the good of the party, the good of Obama's campaign, and the good of the country - she needs to drop out ASAP.

It is the last point that I'm most worried about. If Hillary continues to drag this out it greatly increases the chances that Obama will lose in November. The nation - and really the world - cannot afford four more years of Bushesque policies and Neoconservative ideology... That's just what we're going to end up with if McCain is our next president.

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