Thursday, May 08, 2008

Anything to win...

Well, as I'm sure everyone is by now aware, all went well for Barack Obama in the primaries. He did very well in North Carolina, 56 to 42%. This was a strong margin which counts for a lot at this stage in the game, particularly after the recent suspicions that his bubble had burst.

Things were quite different in Indiana - Hillary 51 to 49%. A win is a win, yes, but Hillary needs landslides - a huge comeback. She didn't get one. She squeaked by. What's more, though not directly at fault, she seems to have won under dubious circumstances. A big question right now should be: Did Republican interlopers give her the win?

It turns out that Hillary won by a little over 14,000 votes. Pretty damn close. So I wonder how much Rush Limbaugh's so-called "Operation Chaos" played a role...? According to MSNBC 11% of those voting in the Indiana Democratic primary were Republicans. According to CNN, 2 out of 3 "self-identified conservative" Republicans voted for Hillary in Indiana. Also, according to MSNBC, 58% of Republicans polled said they believed Obama would beat McCain in the fall.

I'm sure we can safely conclude that conservatives who bothered to go out and cast their vote for Hillary didn't do so because they are oh-so-impressed with her newfound right-wing stance on certain issues - like eliminating the gas tax to the tune of 300K jobs. Afterall, supposedly there isn't a "dime's worth of difference" between Hillary & Barack on policy.

I'm also sure these card-carrying conservatives haven't forgotten how much they're supposed to hate the Clintons... So, what gives? What does it mean for right-wing hacks like Limbaugh to encourage Republicans to vote for Hillary? What does it mean when conservative Republicans actually do vote for Hillary? Genuine change of heart or unscrupulous manipulation?

Aren't a lot of these Hillary supporters in denial when they dismiss the prospect that Republicans overall really DO want McCain to face her in November because they are most confident his chances are best against her? And doesn't this challenge Hillaryland's claim that she is the most electable? Do they even care? I think we've seen enough dishonesty from the Clinton camp, and many of her supporters, that I don't think they care about anything but winning at all.

Some examples: Should the so-called {undemocratic} "superdelegates" choose by delegates or popular vote? To them, that depends on whichever she is ahead in. And if all else fails they should decide by who is most electable, which conveniently works out {so they claim} to be Hillary.
Oh, we simply must count Florida and Michigan, who cares if she agreed that those states weren't going to count because their primaries were moved forward? Who cares what the decided upon rules were, we've got a presidency that we're entitled to! Who cares if Barack wasn't even on the ballot in Michigan, a win is a win is a win... And who cares if Obama wins more states, more votes. WE WIN THE BIG STATES... and on and on we go.

As if it wasn't obvious enough that the Clintons and the Establishment they represent will do anything to regain power... If you put it all together, throw in the pandering to right-wing partisans, there really is no honesty in denying it. I don't know who is worse to resort to any stunt to win, the Republicans or the Clinton Camp.

So, I still want to know if Republicans who intend to vote for McCain in November actually gave Hillary the win. This kind of manipulation of our democratic [small "d"] election system, while perhaps not illegal, is extremely unethical and frankly un-American. Rush Limbaugh and his mindless, drooling "dittoheads" need to be tarred & feathered for it.

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