Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The "new" history of war

It's disturbing the increase we've seen in propaganda. What was once taken for granted as scientifically established, credible, historical fact, and long held standards of basic decency, i.e. evolution, global-climate change, the disaster that was the war in Vietnam, and forbidding the use of torture is now being ridiculed, denied, revised or undecided.

One would think that torture just wouldn't be accepted by our society, but nope, there are plenty of folks not only in our government and in law-enforcement and secret intelligence that support it, but quite a few so-called "freedom loving" American patriots support it too, as long as it's used on the people that are really bad. Of course on shows like 24 we know who the bad guys are, it's obvious, in the real world this isn't the case at all, but who has time for reality these days?

As an article in the Nation magazine written by Rick Perlstein pointed out this past week, the hows and whys of Vietnam and the debacle that it was are still up for debate, apparently neoconservatives can take a fresh, revisionist look at history and find shit that no one else noticed before. Using claims by the Communists — you know the people who embrace that "evil ideology" that led to the Korean/Vietnam/Cold War, the Cuban Missile Crisis and of course the infamous blacklistings of the 1950's by Sen. Joe McCarthy — some are able to concoct a new history of Vietnam, in which it was a necessary war that we lost only because of defeatist Democrats {or liberals depending on who you ask} and not following through with our commitment to win...

I'm getting very concerned about the attitudes we have to look forward to in the future. Today, in spite of rampant apathy and faux patriotism there is still a lot of opposition to the hype of the "global war on terror", the use of torture, unilateral wars based on bogus intel, gross incompetency in government. I worry how little opposition there will be in the future when an entirely new history has been written, when science has been dismissed for metaphysics, philosophy replaced by theology, and blind, radical jingoism is a substitute for national pride.

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