Saturday, September 08, 2007

If today were election day...

I think I would vote for a Joe Biden and John Edwards ticket. Biden clearly has the most experience and best ideas when it comes to foreign policy. I also like John Edward's for his domestic notions about cleaning up the corrupting influence in politics, the special interests, and doing more for the middle/working class. Well, that's my thoughts for now, anyway.

I do like Barack Obama, I'm just a bit concerned about his lack of experience & that his ideology might be too socialist for my tastes.

One thing is mostly certain — I will not vote Republican. They've screwed up too much already, they've been completely hijacked by the neocons & theocons. Even John McCain has sold his soul. I also will most likely not vote for Hillary Clinton. Of course, I suppose I might depending on the Republican nominee. Some of these guys are pretty scary.

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