Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Freegans or freeloaders?

Thank you! Someone finally pointed out the absurdity that can generally be found among the new age, hippie-types that think they're actually doing the world a big favor by living like capitalist-consumers by mooching off of capitalist-consumers:
The Noble Scavenger on the Living-room couch

"The reason American Indians had no horses before Europeans arrived was that their ancestors ate them all—along with numerous other large mammals, whose extinctions coincided with the spread across the Western Hemisphere of the humane two-legged foragers with their commitment to sustainability. And that's not all they killed (and sometimes ate); as Jared Diamond notes succinctly in "The Third Chimpanzee," genocide, far from being an invention of the industrial nation-state, "has been part of our human and prehuman heritage for millions of years.""
This sums it up nicely right here:
"The freegans' Edenic myth is seductive, but there is no way to put the technological genie back in the bottle, or the demographic one either. Six billion people, however much we may deplore their impact on the environment, cannot sustain themselves by foraging for nuts and tubers. The way out isn't backward, but forward, by using our wisdom, and even our much criticized technology, to forge a better and more humane society."
Also see this Newsweek article

I've had encounters with this type before. No job, no income, no car, no money, nowhere to stay once you get there but still wanting to travel about 2000 miles to go 'be free' with like minds. Or whatever it is that those 'free' from the capitalist-lifestyle do. Such a thing is not a big deal, though, when you can catch a 'free' ride with someone who does have the transportation and the money to afford the gas it takes to drive such a distance.

He and I didn't see eye to eye on the fact that, whether it's hitching a ride with an acquaintance, a trucker, or stowing away on a train, someone has to pay for this mode of transportation. It doesn't, in fact, come for free. And without capitalists like us, people like him wouldn't be getting from A to B in less than 3 days, virtually for free...

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