Friday, July 29, 2005

Round up them muslims...

Here is an article from Cal Thomas, a long time popular syndicated op-ed Christian conservative columnist and currently political columnist for Faux News, go figure. He is also very much a fascist Christian fundamentalist bigot, and Neocon propagandist. All of this is quite obvious when you read his articles or listen to his absurd blather on the major news networks, particularly Faux News (We Distort, You Comply). As usual he’s preaching more Christian right-wing garbage.

I actually got this from the editorial page of the local newspaper and wrote a brief opinion about it of my own, which I submitted to the paper, but I have not heard back from them so apparently it didn’t meet approval to be published. C’est la vie.

Jihadist propaganda fools U.S., Britain
DOLGELLAU, Wales — Thank goodness for those history channels that bring back the generals and politicians of the past who, by contrast, make many of today's leaders look indecisive.

I saw President Harry Truman on one of them last week. In a speech to the nation near the end of World War II, Truman rejected suggestions that the Allies seek accommodation with Japan, rather than victory. Truman would have none of it, saying only Japan's "unconditional surrender" would be acceptable.

Contrast that with the conciliatory blather of today. Prime Minister Tony Blair invited British and Muslim leaders to a meeting Tuesday at 10 Downing Street where he urged worldwide action to uproot what he has called the "evil ideology" and "twisted teaching" that lay behind the London bombings.

Here's what Blair should have said to the Muslim leaders: "The onus is on you guys. You find and shut down the terrorists and their network. You turn those who incite, plan and encourage violence over to the authorities. If you don't act, we will by closing and bulldozing the mosques and schools that incubate and instruct the killers, prosecuting the terrorists we find and deporting them and their clerics, and closing our borders to anyone from countries that harbor and teach terrorists. Those who are British citizens will be stripped of their citizenship."

As part of its continuing disinformation campaign in America (reminiscent of Nazi, Soviet and Japanese propaganda of the not-too-distant past), the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is providing public service announcements to American television stations titled "Not in the Name of Islam." A CAIR press release says the spots are designed to "highlight the Muslim community's condemnation of terrorism and rejection of those who carry out terror attacks."

Just who are these spots designed to influence? Does CAIR wish us to believe the jihadists in America will see them and convert to democratic ideals, or is this Tokyo Rose propaganda designed to keep our guard down?

It is helpful to quote what two prominent senators have said about CAIR: "(CAIR is) unusual in its extreme rhetoric and its associations with groups that are suspect," said Richard Durbin, Illinois Democrat. "We know (CAIR) has ties to terrorism," added Charles Schumer, New York Democrat.

The terrorists benefit from Western self-indulgence, ignorance about history and aversion to war.

Western secularists cannot comprehend people who link their private faith to public actions. Too many think terrorists can be dissuaded from their bloody goals by using Western logic and trying to "understand why they hate us."

I don't want to understand why they hate us, anymore than my father's generation sought to understand Nazis, or the ideological slaves of Hirohito. Like that generation, since the jihadists have declared war on us, I want to kill them before they kill me.

To make us feel better and allow us to "get on with our lives," we make believe the jihadists are a tiny minority and not "mainstream Islam." But what if they are mainstream — part of an elaborate conspiracy designed to dupe the West while the infiltration of Britain, America and all of Europe continues unabated?

Wake up, America and Britain! The jihadists are after us and they will stop at nothing until we all live under the banner of Islam, either by fear or by force.

— Cal Thomas

Thank goodness Cal doesn’t make public policy. As usual, Cal is ranting about the evils of Islam, generalizing an entire race & religion as guilty because of the actions of some. Propaganda indeed! So I guess we're supposed to round up Muslims like Jew hating Nazis... Do we bulldoze all the mosques and schools, or just the ones we have legitimate evidence against? He should remember the Nazis and Soviets oppressed people because of race & religion and yet he is proposing the same.

It's absurd that Cal declares that Mosques who don't fight terrorism should be bulldozed, yet when Islamic organizations use media to condemn terrorism he dubs it disingenuous. Obviously the man cannot be appeased.

Considering Cal is a right-wing Fundamentalist Christian bigot who would love to see Christianity as the only religion in the world, and would welcome the bulldozing of every temple, mosque and synagogue anyway, I think we know where to file his Nazi-like approach.

Cal's lack of trying to understand 'why they hate us' is part of the problem. We don't want to examine where and why all the hate & resentment started, but until we do, all the bombs, intolerance, & 'Patriot Acts' in the world will not stop it.

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