Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Incurious George

Former CIA Director George Tenet was on Chris Matthew's Hardball yesterday. Chris really went after him, trying to nail him down on how the war was sold to us on bogus info, the justifications for the war have proved untrue, the planning for dealing with Iraq after Saddam seems to have been non-existence, and how George Tenet seemed to have done little about any of this. A good interview. This is the kind of Hardball I remember...

Full transcript of the show

While George is making the rounds on the various programs 60 Minutes, Tim Russert, Jon Stewart, et al. he's been passing the buck to save his own ass and promote his book. Now that things are going down in flames and he has nothing to gain from staying silent, I guess he figures it's time to save his own image by putting this off on the hawkish and inept Bush & Co. and perhaps creating some semblance of a legacy that doesn't include helping to sell the Vietnam war of the 21st century.

He's been getting a lot of criticism for not doing more when he had the chance, especially now that he seems to be critical of how things were handled. Of course it makes perfect sense why he's taking so much heat right now, not only because he was right there when so much of this bullshit story was being sold to us, but also because he is among the few from the Administration that has stepped forward to talk about things. The American public, indeed the world would love to take it's anger and frustration out on this reckless administration, especially the incompetent little dictator Bush, but alas, we can't. People in the administration are very quiet about all this, they're keeping their distance, staying where it's safe and will mostly get the softball questions throw at them. The public at large would like to have a stoning in the public square, but for that a warm body is needed, George "slam dunk" Tenet just happens to fit the bill.

I actually think he deserves every bit of the criticism that is coming to him and then some! He should have stood up when he had the chance. If we were being mislead by the administration and he knew it then he should have went public with it then, damn the consequences of his job. As a public servant he is supposed to be serving the American people, not the President, not a political ideology or party. Instead of taking a stand he took the coward's way out. Fine. Then he should remain a coward. No pat on the back, no newfound respect, no forgiveness, and definitely no wealth from his exploitative book.

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