Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Cult

A few days ago it came to my attention that a reporter for the BBC, John Sweeney, had a verbal blow up at Tommy Davis, a Scientologist who was hell bent on defending Scientology and harassing anyone who opposes the "church".

After Mr. Sweeney was followed around and hounded by this Tommy Davis character, the Scientologist nut finally went off on Sweeney while he was interviewing someone else about Scientology, "You have no right whatsoever to say what is and what isn't a religion. The Constitution of the United States of America guarantees one's right to practice and believe freely in this country. And the definition of religion is very clear and it's not defined by John Sweeney."

Whine, whine whine... This guy is certainly conflating a lot of things here. First of all, as a matter of fact the constitution of the United States of America guarantees the citizens of this country the freedom to exercise their religious beliefs without government persecution, it says nothing whatsoever about any or all religions being respected, nor that any of the rest of us have to make accommodations for any religions or cults, nor that any of the rest of us have to give any respect whatsoever to any religion, and most especially it does not in any way, shape or form minimize the other guarantees found in the First amendment of the United States Constitution — a right to freedom of speech and a freedom of the press... In other words, Davis is waaay off the mark!

Secondly, no, religion is not defined by John Sweeney, nor is it defined by Tommy Davis nor Tom Cruise nor Bruce Willis nor John Travolta, nor L. Ron Hubbard. As far as myself and most other people are concerned, Scientology is a cult. But that doesn't matter, no one is stopping Tommy Davis or any of the rest of the Scientologists from believing in whatever lunatic space-alien cult fetish they want to. No one is violating their rights. Again, Davis and his kooky friends are WAAAY off the mark!

Sp little Tommy goes on to rant further, "And for you to repeatedly refer to my faith in those terms is so derogatory and so offensive and so bigoted and the reason you keep repeating it is because you wanted to get a reaction like you're getting right now. Well buddy, you got it! Right here, right now! I'm angry, real angry."

Oh, now he's angry. "Real angry"... Who gives a damn? I suppose the truth hurts. Even Davis here must realize at times that his "faith" feels more like a cult and so he is easily upset by a journalist even mentioning the fact that some people do refer to it in such a way...

All through this little diatribe John Sweeney has listened intently, coolly, calmly with no interruption to this rant and he is now ready to do some talking of his own, oh, but little Tommy just won't have that, "So we're done, because if you use that term one more time... I can't be responsible for my actions. So John, goodbye."

Tommy {he thinks he's Tom Cruise} Davis here is dead wrong. Like anyone else he most certainly can be held responsible for his actions and would be. His cult may have him believing he is somehow above the law but in the real world he isn't.

Here is the actual video of the Scientologist nut, Tommy Davis, defending his cult and having his indignant rant.

Well, Mr. Sweeney wasn't about to let this nonsense slide on by without a response. He continued on after Davis making it clear that it was now his turn and Davis needed to listen. At some point they had this little exchange.

Now I certainly agree that the reporter, John Sweeney was out of line, but then in dealing with these crazy lunatics and Davis' earlier rant, I probably would have lost it too. I'm sure he had enough of being harassed by these gestapo thugs that go around intimidating anyone who investigates or is critical of Scientology. As Sweeney seems to have found out, they will pull out nearly any tactic to discredit or otherwise silence critics of them.

So I saw the outburst video on Keith Olbermann and then looked it up online to find out more about it. I watched it several times and to me it seems obvious that these thugs from the Church of Scientology were trying to intimidate John Sweeney because he was investigating them. Mr. Sweeney lost his cool because he was being hounded by people from the "church" {because that's how they protect themselves, harassing anyone who questions their belief system} and he was trying to get his point across to this little Scientology twerp just kept rambling on and on and on and on...

When watching the video one can see that Mr. Sweeney raises his voice to talk over the man who won't let him get a word in edgewise and even quiets down when he's finally allowed to speak but then this Davis creep continued his blabbering on so Mr. Sweeney started screaming again. To me it seems obvious that his point was as if to say, 'I CAN TALK LOUDER THAN YOU SO SHUT THE HELL UP AND LET ME MAKE MY POINT' and to prove to him that he could. He was trying to get the little shit to shut up long enough so he could make his point. Again, it's not the right way to handle things but understandable nonetheless. In fact, I'd say good job, Mr. Sweeney, at not letting these cultist nutjobs get you to back down.

Here is an article by John Sweeney in which he explains his side of the story.

Now I know that these people are upset about having it revealed that their "church" is akin to a cult. That is understandable, but as I said before people are entitled to their opinions and journalists have a right and a duty to investigate. And while religious tolerance is a good thing, not all beliefs are equal — truly. Most importantly perhaps, read my lips, Tommy Davis, and let me make sure that this crystal clear: THE CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY IS A CULT!!! It is a creepy, scary, dangerous, lunatic fringe, new age CULT.

But don't just take my word for it...




Los Angeles Times series on Scientology
{copy} Time Magazine article on Scientology

Yep, a krazy, kreepy kult...

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