Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The showdown...

I think it's good that the Democrats have finally shown some testicular fortitude in standing up to Bush in regards to the war spending bill. It sets a timetable for a gradual withdrawal of troops within a year. Of course it's very disappointing that in order to get enough votes for this bill the Democrats ended up adding a lot of funds to unrelated projects for special interest groups, AKA 'pork'. It's a disgrace that we can't seem to just get honest dealings from our politicians; doing the right thing for the right reasons — no strings attached. Instead, yet again we see that at the end of the day there must always be the requisite feeding at the public trough.

Of course Bush and most Republicans are showing their hypocrisy by claiming some sort of self-righteous indignation over such pork-barrel spending, this after their track record! Yep, that goes for Republican Sen. Ted Stevens and his stupid 'bridge to nowhere'. The ploy is so disingenuous.

The same old hysterical rantings are also taking place, to support timetables supposedly undermines the troops. This is such a perversion of the reality of the situation. Not supporting the troops was sending them into an unjustified war, not having adequate forces and materiale, not having a plan to deal with both rebuilding the country and the inevitable insurgency. It would also not be supportive of the troops to require their mission be one in occupying a country in the midst of a sectarian civil war. Allowing the Administration to continue to pursue these disastrous policies and not be held accountable for its misconduct is also not supporting the troops.

Bush is akin to a tyrant who has lead us into this debacle {among the many}. He stubbornly clings to his little Neocon escapade in Iraq. Paying no mind to Congress, military leaders and analysts, and the will of the people. His hand should be forced on this. While I normally would say it's a bad policy to give a date of withdraw, in this case we are talking about an unjustified invasion that has become an occupation in a country engaged in sectarian civil war which has continued to deteriorate. Not only can we not sustain peace in that country and deal with the security situation, neither can the corrupt police and the government there which is even more corrupt it would seem than ours is!

Even though I opposed this war back when Bush & Co. were just making their bogus rationale for it, I had until recently supported doing our best to secure and rebuild that country. It seemed the ethical thing to do since we were the cause of the disaster there. I think we had a responsibility to at least try to right the wrongs we brought to that country. Now I believe things have got to the point where we aren't presenting a solution to the problem, we are the problem. Our occupation of the country and it's lack of structure & stability is encouraging more Iraqis to become terrorists, and giving foreign insurgents more motivation to go to Iraq. We are unable, for a variety of reasons which does not include a lack of trying by the military, to bring real and lasting stability to that country. Is it possible to turn things around there? Perhaps, but it would take a complete overhaul of strategies there, including a much larger and more effectively used force and Bush & Co. have proven time and again that they are incapable and/or unwilling to do so. They're still too concerned about politics and money to do what is really needed there. And so, to stay is simply to put off the inevitable.

I support a withdrawal as soon as possible. It won't happen in a week, nor a month. In fact I'm quite sure we couldn't pull all of our forces out even in a year. But we need to be working to that end now instead of giving some token surge and believing that just a little while longer will be the magic touch.

I think the Congress needs to write the wrong that the institution allowed in 2003 when they gave Bush the authorization to declare war in Iraq. It's time to say that enough is enough, we never should have went there to begin with, but now we are done. No more blank checks for Bush, no more of everything being on his terms.

Bush says he needs funding for the troops. Fine, then sign the damn bill. Bush says he doesn't like the timetables. Too damn bad. He can't have it both ways anymore. He's had his way far too many times in the past and we've all paid far too heavy a price for that. No more. I hope the Democrats will stand their ground and send this bill {minus the pork would be nice}, and when Bush vetoes it as he's said he would do, they should send it back to him, and they should keep sending it back to him until he signs it. If he does then we can get out of this soon. If he doesn't then it's his fault that a pull-out will be rushed when the money starts running low and the Dictator In Chief will have no choice but bring the troops home. And bringing them home is the kind of support they've needed for over 4 years now.

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