Thursday, April 19, 2007

The real victims...

This week justice was finally served better when 3 wrongly accused students from Duke University were declared innocent by attorney general Roy Cooper. The three men had been falsely accused back in Mach of 2006 by an apparently mentally unstable stripper by the name of Crystal Gail Mangum. A case against them was pursued doggedly through the gross misconduct of one district attorney Mike Nifong in what was an obvious case of an overzealous DA on a witch hunt for political expediency.

Newsweek article, That Night at Duke.

As was to be expected, the media created a 3-ring circus out of the drama. One of the most disgusting mainstream examples of this was Nancy Grace, a discredited talk show host formerly of Court TV, who fancies herself some sort of "victim's rights" advocate. In reality she creates more victims than she protects by declaring the absolute guilt of the accused in her self-appointed position as juror in the court of public opinion. She thinks her opinion far more important than it actually is, and believes her objectivity is far more than she ever actually exhibits. Her phony overly-emotional and deliberately sensationalized rantings are pathetic; merely a ploy for ratings and worship. It was likely because of her accusatory tone during an interview on her TV show with Melinda Duckett, whose 2-month old son had gone missing weeks prior, that Melinda committed suicide.

Even Elizabeth Smart, a girl who was abducted, held captive and sexually abused for nearly a year didn't think much of Nancy Grace, and for good reason!

Of course Grace, like many others, assumed that the Duke lacrosse players: Evans, Seligmann and Finnerty were all guilty. Naturally, they were accused, afterall!! And we all know that when people claim rape they must be telling the truth...

Grace was far from alone in showing a lack of integrity and that some people will stoop to any level to pander for publicity, Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson too was playing for the cameras to declare the guilt of the lacrosse players as well and to my knowledge neither has apologized for presuming guilt. There was such a mad rush to judgment, as covered in a Washington Post article.

Some off us were skeptical of the guilt of these guys when considering the frequent inconsistencies in the accuser's stories, it seemed that most folks. But of course these inconsistencies didn't matter, some folks had an agenda to pursue, and pursue it they did. So-called "victim's rights" & women's rights groups who are often in the habit of assuming guilt until innocence can be proven, were indeed caught up in a sort of public lynching, they were out for blood, and so sure of themselves in making such declarative accusations of guilt against these men who have always maintained their innocence and DNA evidence and now officials have confirmed this.

What's worse, even though the case against the players has been dropped and the accuser stands as nothing more than a liar, there are still those in pursuit of feminist agendas that claim the Duke students are guilty...

If this were an isolated incident, hysteria over allegations of rape, and an insistence among women's rights advocates and others that the accused is definitely guilty no matter how lacking in evidence the case is, then that would be one thing. But sadly, it isn't. I recall just a few years ago a local female college student alleged that a man had raped her, the witch hunt went out immediately. Turned out to be a total fabrication. She was apparently just seeking attention.

It has become cliche to overreact to allegations and assume guilt when they are made. Most are so quick to jump on the bandwagon of being a protector and upholding justice that they forget justice applies to all and that innocence until proof of guilt is part of the foundation of justice.

I think Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and countless feminists and race-baiters should apologize for their rush to judgment. Mike Nifong should be found guilty of the ethics charges being brought against him, he should be disbarred and never practice law in any capacity again. If that man had succeeded, 3 men would have went to prison for a crime they didn't commit. They've already had more than a year robbed from them.

Had these young men been black and the accused had been white, they likely would be in prison today. There is no place in a just society for the likes of such a gross violation of the public trust and disregard for the law. Men like Nifong should never be given such positions of power.

As one blogger coined it, these men were raped by false accusations of rape. Most of society seems to harbor no mercy for those who rape... Then what sort of mercy should be shown to those who raped these men?

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