Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Reaction to tragedy is disgusting...

The shooting at Virginia Tech was certainly a horrible tragedy, and the public has a right to know what happened, but it's really disgusting how the media has already turned it into their latest 24/7 obsession. Well, at least they're not talking about Imus anymore... Honestly, it's really sick how they profit from scandal and the misery of others every chance they get. Of course this is nothing new, it's just the latest example in an endless list of the media putting their selfish, economic interests first and saying to hell with those who are suffering.

I must say though, even this isn't as despicable as the political opportunists who almost immediately were taking full advantage of this tragedy to promote their agendas. Pro-gun control groups came crawling out of the woodwork, saying we need more gun control laws to keep things like this from happening, while anti-gun control groups had the audacity to suggest that if there were less gun control, i.e. if students could carry guns, then maybe this guy would have been killed before he could have taken the lives of so many.

Obviously there are issues related to this incident that need to be discussed, but to exploit this tragedy within 24 hours of it to further one's political agenda... it's pathetic and there is no excuse in it. We have plenty of time to talk about this. How about we wait until we know more about it, and let people grieve for goodness sake you insensitive vultures.

If only we could handle such tragedies with the wisdom, rationality, contemplation, compassion, and reverence for life that the Amish did when 5 young school girls were massacred by a gunman in Pennsylvania last year.

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