Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Like we didn't already know this...

Bill O'Reilly —as whatever he calls himself and his show— has no decency, no honesty, no integrity, and definitely no credibility whatsoever. All this became even more obvious than usual in his latest interview with retired Colonel Ann Wright, a 29-year veteran of the US Army. He gives her loaded questions, puts words in her mouth, shouts her down, cuts the interview short because he doesn't agree with her comments, and ultimately cuts her mic. Good work, Bill-O, just the kind of jingoistic over-reactionary bullshit we've come to expect from both Bill and Faux News.

Crooks and Liars - Why Does Bill O'Reilly Hate Our Troops and American Values?

It is a shame that Colonel Wright was not more explicit in her condemnation of Iran's role in this incident with British soldiers being held captive, but she was obviously introducing some context into the situation that Bill-O and other nationalist conservatives of his ilk don't want to have to face. Both Iran and the U.S. should be condemned over it's treatment of detainees. If only the interview would have continued for the length it had been scheduled for, perhaps we could have seen a better clarification.

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