Saturday, March 03, 2007


This is so fitting. Bryan sent it to me saying that it reminded him of that homophobic bigot, Pioneer, at the News-leader forum who has long since been claiming the "homosexual agenda" {we're some sort of homogenous monolith of "narcissistic self-abusing" Nazi-like fascists} is going to eventually persecute Christians and heterosexuals. Speaking of Nazis... Didn't they make similar claims about a minority in Germany known as the Jews before they threw them into death camps? Those evil Jews with their "Jewish media", control of the banks, spreading disease, immorality, and undermining the master race. ~GASP!~

In further Nazi-like behavior, Pioneer recently admitted to compiling a "data bank" of information he's collected about me from our discussions, just in case I should ever become some sort of "dictator" in a more "official capacity", supposedly he and his people will have material to use against me.

The only difference between the exchange in this cartoon and the way it's been between Pioneer and I is that when he hit me with his anti-gay stick I didn't just stand around, I beat him back with my anti-bigot rod of doom... Oh, I'm soooo intolerant!

I'll bet it even looks like him too!

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