Thursday, February 08, 2007

Love or Country?

I read an article in Newsweek that put a lot of heart into the debate on same-gender marriage. I think more of these so-called conservatives that are so concerned about the 'sanctity' of marriage need to read this sort of thing. Would it change their mind? Probably not. But maybe it will make it a little more difficult for them to look at themselves in a mirror with such smug self-righteousness in supporting their cause.

One Son's Choice: Love or Country?

I've not really considered leaving my country. I shouldn't haven't to. And I'm just stubborn enough to stick around and demand equality rather than run away because that's what certain closed-minded bigots expect. Having said that, I certainly can't blame those who do leave the country. It's rather sad. And, just as these cases where military personnel have been dismissed for their sexual orientation, it is a loss for all of us when anti-gay bigotry gets in the way of practicality and doing what's right.

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