Saturday, April 07, 2007

Gay-activist group comes for a visit...

The Christian gay activist group, Soulforce Equality, wanted to have a dialog with Central Bible College in Springfield, Mo. in regards to the college's anti-gay policies. The organization engages in what they call the Soulforce Equality Ride, where some of their members load onto a bus and visit a college or university to try and bring awareness to issues that are important to gays and lesbians, including anti-gay discriminatory policies, and hopefully change them.

CBC told them not to come but Soulforce came anyway on March 12, and I'm glad they did. While it got a lot of uptight conservatives up in arms, and it didn't get the desired effect from the college, it did lead to a lot of dialog in the community.

Soulforce came even though they were told not to, electing to stand outside the campus at CBC, making themselves available to anyone who wanted to talk to them, which is of course their legal right. During their brief protest outside the bible college, at which there was a small group of Springfield police officers stationed around campus, two of their member's {supposedly two heterosexual females} trespassed onto CBC property and were arrested, which is the right of CBC to pursue.

The local newspaper covered the event, but on the newspaper's web forum the anti-gay rhetoric started well before Soulforce even arrived. I participated in the debate that took place over this. The attacks on the "gay agenda" only got worse as the week went on. Surprisingly there were a lot of straight folks and even Christians that took a stand and were very supportive not only of Soulforce, but of homosexuals being treated equally. Some were also quite critical of the religious arguments against gay people, whose "sin" is who we are attracted to.

Here are some of the discussions that spawned from the articles and letters to the editor:
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