Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The anti-gay hate debate still rages on...

As if it wasn't enough that we'd seen the propaganda about some supposed connection between homosexuality and Nazism, then ran through the whole religious debate against homosexuality, now Pioneer, the Catholic, Bush-apologizing, homophobic, irascible old bigot on the Newsleader forum is quoting "studies" from discredited homosexual-hating "researcher" Dr. Paul Cameron. His "research" relies on faulty methods and invalidated studies to make his case against homosexuals.

The excerpt that Pioneer provided tried to make the case that homosexuality has a link to rape, pedophilia, and even murder, stating, "Along with serial murder, there appears to be a connection between homosexuality and murder." Next to Fred Phelps, his "research" is the most despicable anti-gay bigoted garbage I've ever seen.

Of course, I did some research of my own not only on Paul Cameron but also on heterosexual child killers; sick sadistic HETEROSEXUAL men that have raped, murdered, and dismembered little girls in an attempt to ask, 'so what does this say about heterosexual men? In my experience, especially with Pioneer, I've found that one good conspiracy theory that relies on generalizations deserves another. :-D So, I brought up the Catholic pedophile priest scandal too, just for good measure. Darn those Catholics, why can't they just keep their twisted hands off those little altar boys?

I don't think I've ever had a dialog with someone that I had less respect for than this hateful bigot. Other than perhaps that white supremacist that used to be on the forum...

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