Saturday, February 24, 2007

'Darn those racists! Oh, he was talking about the gays, nevermind...'

In the local paper the editor provided an edited version of a letter he's received. The way he depicted it, it appeared to be a biblical justification for deploring interracial relations. Of course, numerous people had opinions about it. Most folks thought it was insulting and bigoted, and certainly misinterpreting biblical passages. Even those that are normally in the bigoted crowd themselves. But then the truth came out. The letter, in it's full form, was actually about homosexuality being clearly condemned by the bible. Most people again were supportive, but some quickly changed their tune. Of course, it changes everything when the 'queers' are involved... Hypocritical bigots!

So, I wrote a response to this brilliant example of the hypocrisy that can be found among the narrow-minded, with their prejudices and pre-conceived notions. Chris Fluharty, the nutjob Constitution Party religious conservative that I've had so many run in's with has weighed-in of course. I expect this will lead to quite a little discussion.

Here is my comment to the article that exposed both hypocrisy & homophobia

An interesting side note, my latest post put me at 669 on the forum. ;-)

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