Sunday, February 25, 2007

Bush is hurting troops...

An excerpt from the local newsforum...

"Mr. Olson writes, "Who is probably hurting troop morale more: a president rushing more troops into a civil war and into harm's way before they have the newer armor, or congressmen debating the president's war policy? The answer seems obvious."

Indeed. The answer is all too obvious to those who do not resort to knee-jerk condemnation of dissent, those who can set aside their pride, and of course those who don't have an agenda to protect their preferred political party of choice.

I would go one farther. Questioning a war whose justifications have been dubious and/or discredited, as well as debating the tactics used in executing that war is not unpatriotic or undermining the troops. Quite the opposite. To do otherwise, however, is."
Yet again I find myself having to put the homophobic, ex-military, Bush apologist, stodgy, uptight, socially conservative old curmudgeon, Pioneer, in his place!

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