Monday, November 06, 2006

Vote NO on unchecked power

A very important day has come to us again. This time it may be more important than ever. So much hangs in the balance, and not just in relations to the war against terrorists. The protection of true American freedom, liberty, and justice from institutionalized corruption a the consolidation of power holds in the balance as well.

The Bush Administration, with the help of their Republican colleagues who control the Congress, have undermined some of the most basic civil liberties and human rights and they have done so under the misleading guises of safety, security, and morality. They don't talk in terms of honest debate, they talk in terms of absolutes. They leave no room for democratic processes to work, for representative government to be a reality. Instead they use disinformation, scare tactics, partisanship, gerrymandering, and even cheating to ensure they get reelected, and their agendas become mandates regardless what the majority of the public really thinks of the issue, regardless what civil liberties are trampled in the process, and regardless how un-Constitutional these mandates may be.

Under the Bush Administration we've been lead into an unjustified war based on false pretenses. The war has been waged with incompetent strategies, utilizing tactics that have often been at odds with what military analysts who know their stuff have called for, and even at odds with what our military leaders would themselves choose. Some strategies which have been repeatedly and stubbornly employed simply defy common sense.

The Bush administration has bristled at legitimate questions about the deteriorating situations in Iraq & Afghanistan, they have scoffed at any examinations of their failures in Iraq, and fumed over any suggestions of changing strategies. Not only the Administration but Bush apologists in general have attempted to squelch any dissent, using cheap rhetoric like 'cut & run' and imply the patriotism of those who advocate for a shift in policy should be questioned.

Bush & his Republican cronies talk of a sort of delusional idealism about Iraq which defies the reality of the situation at hand, endlessly repeating that victory is just over some elusive and arbitrary horizon. They call for a strategy of "stay the course", no matter how bad things get on the ground and dismiss anyone who suggests otherwise as cowards and traitors. This 'wait and see' policy has gone on for 3 years now. In that time more soldiers have died since Bush declared "Mission Accomplished" than people who died in the destruction of the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center. The saddest, and most disgusting part about this is that it didn't have to be this way. But Bush just won't stop listening to the advice of incompetent officials like Rumsfeld & Cheney.

The truth is we can't just pull out of Iraq. It was obviously a mistake in going, but now that we are there we are invested, and there are grave consequences to how we deal with the debacle it has become. There desperately needs to be a new strategy employed in Iraq & Afghanistan. The one force keeping that from happening thus far can be summed up in one entity — the national Republican party. That's why in this election it is so important to send a message to them, and to remove their ability to hamper genuine progress further.

Regardless the fear-mongering that the Republican propaganda machine has been churning out, if the democrats win there will not be a pull-out of Iraq, but the President will certainly be kept in check from 'staying the course' as he has and intends to continue to do. With a rival party wielding some power & influence the Administration, including Rumsfeld who has the support of next to no one outside of the Administration, will finally be subject to a long absent pressure to make much needed corrections there. With the Republicans, one single party being in charge of every branch of the government, the President has had a blank check to do with as he sees fit. What has he bought with that unchecked power?

That is a very important question every voter needs to ask themselves when they go into that voting booth tomorrow. Like so many who voted for Bush the first or even the second time have come to regret, do you want to regret having bought into the scare tactics, the lies, and the empty promises of Rove's Republicans again?

Please vote tomorrow. No matter how disgusting all of this political campaigning has been, no matter how pitiful most of the choices are it is far too important not to. And when you do vote, don't vote Republican in the upcoming elections other than at the local level. The state & especially the national Republican juggernaut needs to be sent a very clear message of disapproval. And if you want to send the clearest message of all to the GOP itself, vote Democrat. Vote to put a check on the absolute power that one corrupt party currently holds over all of us, or live with the consequences of not having done so.

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