Tuesday, November 28, 2006

A 'Pioneer' in propaganda

I keep having more and more confrontations on the News-leader forum with this hateful, closed-minded, nasty old bigot nicknamed 'Pioneer'. He's some stodgy jackass that I debated about the Iraq war with months ago. Naturally, he was an apologist for it and Bush. He never really had any good reason for it, except that he's ex-military and we've just gotta support the commander-in-chief, no matter what. Such jingoism from this one.

I recall back in our first debate he questioned why I wasn't over there fighting instead of sitting back here complaining about it. What a way to show you care about the soldiers, shout down anyone who points out that Bush is getting our troops killed needlessly, and for an unjustified war. Well, it seems according to Pioneer you can't have an opinion about the war unless you enlist. I explained one very important reason that I'm not in the military, 'don't ask, don't tell'.

Naturally, he's been making a mockery of my sexuality and gay equality issues ever since. He's full of all sorts of snide insinuations, even accusations, among other things. He certainly likes to resort to personal attacks, but not generally the obvious kind. He prefers to suggest a bunch of bogus rumors about a person hoping that people will believe it. He is definitely a propagandist who seeks to discredit people with lies and bullshit, not that I'm at all surprised to have that coming from a nasty old conservative curmudgeon like him. My guess is he aspired to be a drill sergeant barking orders at subordinates, but just never got that kind of authority. He sure expects people to get in line now. It's very satisfying to routinely serve as a thorn in his side and help to expose his bigoted prejudices.

It's amazing how much he is similar to local white supremacist, Glenn Miller, who has been spewing all sorts of hateful racism, anti-Semitism, and homophobia on the forums. Pioneer might not be particularly racist, but I know he doesn't like Muslims, and holds nothing but contempt for homosexuals. The latter became especially clear with his latest bit of propaganda, some garbage book that claims the Nazi's were mostly homosexuals and that homosexuality lead to the violent militarism of the Nazis.

He says, "Hitler was a known homophobe, and sort of into sado-masochism, and since there were numerous homosexual people in the Nazi party, by design not by chance"

Of course it doesn't matter that homosexuals were put to death by the hundreds of thousands for 'unnatural sex acts' — homosexuality. No, apparently this is just all part of the 'gay agenda' which Pioneer insists is a fact and is undermining societies moral fabric. Yep, there is an agenda alright, Pioneer's, to demonize gays at all costs.

What a scumbag...

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