Sunday, June 04, 2006

Gay prom and bigots

A local Gay & Lesbian organization held a gay prom a while back and a journalist who covers human interest stories wrote about it in the local paper. Some Christianist bigot wrote a letter to the editor about it, protesting the concept of a gay prom and criticizing those who promoted it. This letter got published and is as follows:

"Gay prom promotes sin"

Re: "Ozarks area students boogie at gay and lesbian prom," May 24 Sarah Overstreet column.

Gay and lesbian prom? You must be kidding?

Please understand this is not a shot at the confused young people who were at this prom, this is the truth straight at the adults that allowed and put this thing together. When are we going to wake up and see that this lifestyle is a choice and that God forbids any such act.

A "gay gene" has never been found. Homosexuality is a choice! God created each of us in his own image and he has never created a homosexual, alcoholic or wife abuser. I believe God has a reason for creating us male and female. And when we get away from God's created purpose for the sexuality of his creation and pervert his intention, it becomes a sin. God says the wages of sin is death.

Every adult and business that supported this event is encouraging these young people to sin. I am not judging anyone, God has already done that.

Sure, times have changed, but God is the same yesterday, today and forever. Please, let's stop encouraging our young people to sin.

Mark Kiser, Springfield

Of course I couldn't just let this kind of idiotic rationalization of bigotry stand so I decided to make a rebutal in a letter to the editor:

Bigotry is what it is

In response to June 2, "Gay prom promotes sin" by Mark Kiser.

It's very convenient to say 'I'm not judging anyone, God has judged', as if that somehow excuses someone who is unapologetically judging others. These judgments are mere highly debated interpretations of supposed divinely inspired literature.

In addition to homosexuals, some people believe hating Hindus, Blacks, or liberals is god sanctioned and they quote scripture 'proving' it, yet most of us would agree they're not only wrong but most definitely bigots.

Mr. Kiser talks as if he's not a bigot. I have yet to meet anyone who admitted they were. Even the most blatantly bigoted people deny being merely intolerant.

Those who have prejudices & narrow views see themselves as speaking an unquestionable truth but that doesn't change the nature of what they advocate.

People have every right to feel, believe, & say what they want. People also have a right to couple together, straight, gay, mixed religions or races. It's no one else's business or responsibility. Social conservatives really need to remember this when they seek to foist or legislate their 'god sanctioned' views on others.

If you really believe that homosexuals or anyone else is going to hell for what they do, "God says so", then let's let God tend to it, shall we? And in the meantime, tend to your own business — live & let live.

And on that note: "Live and let live, that's what I say. Anyone who can't understand that should be killed." — George Carlin