Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The powers that be estimate there are 11-12 illegal aliens {oh, so sorry, I mean "undocumented immigrants"} in this country. It is believed as many as 1 in 10 people in the US are homosexuals. Even conservative estimates admit about 5% of the "documented" population is admittedly gay. At today's population that's about 15 million. That's 15 million legally recognized citizens who are largely considered second class not just by society at large but by government specifically, and why? Because we desire physical & emotional intimacy with the same sex. To put it more romantically — because of who we love. What a disgrace it is for a so-called free country, one which so militantly proclaims it's love of liberty and a right to the pursuit of happiness, to wear such a stain in the 21st century. What a disgrace that some 86 years after woman were legally recognized as equal to men, 42 years after racial minorities were considered equal to the white majority, and even today as we possibly embark on granting full citizenship or the next best thing to it to persons who entered this country illegally, and here we are still being denied the choice of who we can couple with, denied marriage, denied civil unions, denied the privilege to adopt children or defend our country, denied the dignity to have basic legal protections in regards to our chosen partners, and often forced to live in secrecy lest we jeopardize our livelihood, our property, possibly our very lives.

As I see hundreds of thousands taking to the streets all over the country in a "National Day of Action" to protest this immigration issue and the legislation being debated about it, I find they are clearly illustrating that they are a sizeable minority and one which is a force to be reckoned with. I find myself wondering why in the hell those of us who just so happen to have an innate attraction to the same sex are not also taking to the streets to fight for our rights? Rights that as legal citizens we should already be enjoying. It certainly would make a very powerful statement.

A few hundred in a parade is a novelty at best. Tens or hundreds of thousands however... That makes an impact. I’d settle for half that right now.

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