Thursday, November 24, 2005

"We will win and they will lose"

Here is a letter to the editor in a local paper which was portraying ‘diversity’ as a negative thing, something that we should not tolerate, something that only leads to trouble.
I saw in this argument so much of what is going wrong in our political climate today — fundamentalism. Religious ‘puritans’ of varying types, Islamic, that are willing to kill innocent people & wantonly destroy anything which could further their goal to topple everything non-Muslim, revert back to the 800’s, and create a strict Islamic law for all to follow. Or Christian Fundamentalists who also wish to create a theocracy, to make war on those that don’t agree ideologically, or don’t fit into the Judeo-Christian mold, to create a strict Christianized law of morality, and oppress everything and everyone who doesn’t follow a warped and primitive concept of ‘right and wrong’, ‘family values’.

I decided to take this person to task, to say frankly but in a civilized manner that this agenda, this way of thinking, that Religious Fundamentalists of any type are righteous in subjecting the rest of us to their ideologies and lifestyles, was not even remotely acceptable.

The following is the letter to the editor against diversity:
Diversity is not the answer for us

I come here often, in that my wife's relatives live here. This is one of the best places to live in the country. A low crime and unemployment rate help make it so. We in Texas once had a similar situation, but that has changed.

A large part of the reason is that many have fallen for the politically correct buzzword "diversity."

I would remind all that the folks that made this country great were not very diverse. They were God-fearing men and women who came here to find freedom.

Mostly these were Christians who had been persecuted in Europe. They worked hard and many lost their lives making this country what it is today.

Tolerance is another buzzword. We have become tolerant of gangs of all types and religions that want to kill us.

Our borders are wide open to all. We send our work to communist countries who hate our very being. We are educating their kids in our schools and they go home and talk about how rotten we are.

Being diverse is not the answer. Closing our borders is the answer.
Dwight Graham, Tyler, Texas

The following is my response, which was also published in the same paper the following day:

Fundamentalists bring persecution

Mr. Dwight Graham brings up the persecution of Christians in Europe while ignoring the current fundamentalist push to persecute everyone who isn't Christian or adherent to their so-called "family values."

Religious or not, this country was founded foremost upon freedom; an end to persecution. Not just religious persecution, but persecution overall. That's what makes it such a great and noble concept.

Perhaps tolerance is a bad idea. After all, fascism, more specifically Nazism, cannot be tolerated in a society where people seek to be equal and free to live their own lives, make their own choices, have their own values and beliefs without being dictated to about purity, decency, and morality.

When it comes to fundamentalist types who advocate war, work to erect a theocracy, and push to legislate their brand of "morality" — in a word to propagate fascism — this country simply isn't big enough for the ideologies of freedom and oppression to coexist.

To quote Christopher Hitchens remarking about 9/11: "Here we are then... in a war to the finish between everything I love and everything I hate. Fine. We will win and they will lose."

Yes, those of us who can "live and let live" will win, those who cannot, will lose.

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