Sunday, July 10, 2005

We hate you too!

I thought I'd post a disgraceful letter to the editor in a local paper (I've read other editorials from this mindless meatpuppet - he gets more and more hateful all the time) I just had to post it since, it almost defies belief.

"Yes, I do hate. I hate the flooding of my country by more than 10 million non-white illegal aliens. I hate the abortion murders of over 30 million innocent white babies. I hate race mixing, which is destroying my race. I hate the exporting of millions of millions of American jobs to Third World nations. I hate 'affirmative action' because it gives black people preference over mine. I hate the Iraq war because it's waged to defend Israel.

"And above all I hate the federal government because it's no longer ruled by, for, or in the interest of white people.

"Yes, I hate. I thrive on hate. Hate gets me through my days. I love to hate because there is plenty to hate. Reality compels hatred. And whites without hate are cowardly slaves, content with slavery and the genocide of their own people."
— Frazier Glenn Miller

Yeah, clearly there is much hate in this world... And you don't have to go too far to find it. The fact such people live among us who believe such insanity (and they live everywhere - in every town, every state, every country) is very disconcerting.

What leads someone to reach a level of such a twisted mentality of blind hate I can't imagine. I just hope the fucker stays back in the woods where he belongs, or that he comes to the city and runs his mouth off... after dark.

"Yes, I hate."

I guess I hate too... I'm finding it easier and easier to despise those who blindly hate the innocent. I hate ignorant, bastard, socially conservative pricks like this fascist fuckwad who is a waste of human tissue. I hate their very existence, and that I have to share the same air with them.

"I thrive on hate."

That much is obvious. And that thirst for hate makes him an evil son of a bitch.

"Hate gets me through my days."

And that's why he's so irrational and finds it so easy to hate so much. Love gets me through my days, but for scum like this, I have none.

"I love to hate because there is plenty to hate."

I don't love to hate at all, in fact I hate to hate. I hate that scum like this & others give me feelings of such an anger & disdain for some fellow humans, and that escaping such people is not possible.

"Reality compels hatred."

Indeed. In looking at people like this, Fred Phelps, & the cowards that killed Matthew Sheppard, among many others. the reality of this world & the evil within it does compel one to hate with a vengeance. But the difference between my hate and his is that I hate what people stand for, not so much the person; I don't hate indiscriminately, I hate where it's deserved; I hate violence, oppression, & bigotry, but I don't hate peace, tolerance, equality, justice, or the innocent. What's more I wouldn't deny him his right to exist, even though I would rather he didn't; I don't call for him to be put into a prison & have his freedom taken away, though he obviously deserves it; I wouldn't demand he be silenced, even though his beliefs make me want to rip out his tongue.

I think this guy is further proof that being intolerant of race, religion, & sexual orientation truly does make one a hateful bigot whose ideologies should die off like the dinosaurs that possess them. They try to blend in, pretend to be good, upstanding citizens who just want what's best for everyone, and that they don't advocate violence (or hate) but rather 'righteousness', 'morality', 'decency', but the truth is they really do hate, blindly; they really are bigots. This guy at least has the nerve to admit he hates so many things and people that he clearly shouldn't, but even those who claim otherwise while suggesting similar ideologies (like those that support racism, sexism, or homophobia) are just as sick, twisted, and evil inside as those who so militantly proclaim pure, blind hate and/or violence.

I'm wondering, how did he actually figure out that there have been 30 million 'white' babies aborted? I wonder how far back he went into the genealogy of the parents of each aborted fetus to determine just how 'white' they were. Afterall, there are few of us anymore that don't have some mixing somewhere. I'm a mix of Native-American, Irish, German, & Welsh. I would think that makes me a mixed breed, along with at least 90% of the rest of the 'white' population. But I guess since none of those were of Asian, African, or even Spanish decent that makes me OK. I wonder what he is? Pure Aryan? I very seriously doubt the possibility of that. Afterall, even Hitler himself, Aryan race advocate extraordinaire, had some Jew in him.

Well, all his ranting about hating this and that, I'm just amazed he didn't blast all the 'commie pinko bleeding heart liberals', and of course the 'perverse disease infested homosexuals' that are 'weakening the country'. I know he has to hate queers too, along with everyone else that isn't whatever he perceives 'white' to be.

It's sad but this provides yet another reason as to why abortion is and should be legal, it's just a shame his mother didn't see him coming & take the plunge beforehand.

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