Sunday, July 03, 2005

Victory For Gays In Spain

I am pleased to hear that Spain has approved a bill that allows full & equal rights to homosexual couples. This is a victory not just for gay couples & individuals but for human rights in general. Why more people can't see that I just don't get. They're so blind to the notion that people in general just want to be treated equally, want equal protection under the law, and the basic human right to couple with the consenting partner of their choosing. Keeping a homosexual person from coupling with or having a union or marriage to the partner he has fallen in love with is not equality. We cannot, we should not be expected to deny our desires to have a partner.

There is no reasonable argument against legalizing gay marriages or unions. Other than people's idiotic bigotry, there is no inherent difference between people of the same or opposite sex sharing a relationship together other than anatomy. Issues of morality are relative & therefore not fit to be an argument in deciding the law. We can get 100 random people to each say they believe one thing is moral, the other is not, and have them all disagree, but do we/should we let one person, or for that matter a majority of people decide what is moral or not in the context of personal choices for all of us? Hell no! The law should be forbidding behaviors that are directly in conflict or infringe upon the rights of others. Homosexual marriages/unions & couples in general do not abridge the rights of others. Forbidding gay marriage very directly interferes with the pursuit of happiness of homosexual individuals, denying them a pursuit of sharing a life with the person of their choosing, a pursuit that heterosexual persons already enjoy freely. People that can't see that, are delusional and don't want to see it.

The notion that gay marriage should not be allowed because it is unnatural, and for that matter that gay parents raising children could traumatize them is every bit as nonsensical as the arguments that mixed race couples/marriages are immoral, unnatural, & bad for 'family' in general. A notion which some people to this day believe firmly in, but fortunately such judgmental bigots don't get to decide the law, we err on the side of equality & an individual's freedom of choice first, and people's personal beliefs about what is 'moral for society' second. Due to this we will in a more diverse society in which blacks, whites, asians, jews, christians, muslims, atheists, etc. are sharing lives together, and creating families, which makes us a better, more tolerant, & ever more human FAMILY. To limit that diversity in something as common & deep rooted as homosexual relations & inclinations are, it defies reason.

The arguments that this would make polygamy legal eventually is nothing more than a slippery slope fallacy with no grounds. Now I must say, while I don't agree with that lifestyle I also can't say for certain that polygamy should not be legalized, but either way, that's an entirely different issue. Homosexual or heterosexual, 2 people in a relationship is the core of monogamous marriage, polygamy involves more people, it's an entirely different concept all together, one that may even include some form of exploitation.

Of course it's also a slippery slope that they pull out the canards that same-sex marriage will lead to beastiality, pedophilia, necrophilia, etc. The legalization of gay marriage is about two consenting adults of the same sex being legally recognized & protected as a MONOGAMOUS couple. Gay marriage has NOTHING to do with polygamy, bestiality, pedophilia, or necrophilia. People that don't see that are again clearly delusional & basing their argument on ignorance and prejudice. Allowing gay marriage/unions is about tearing down the unreasonable condition that only opposing sexes should couple together. , something only those without a heart & the sense of reason would defy.

Even the arguments that we are a health menace to society is bogus. First of all the statistics that are often used are generally unfounded & exaggerated, the fact is far more STD’s are spread by heterosexual relationships than by homosexual ones, but in spite of this, even if homosexual relations do disproportionately spread disease, it is not inherent in the relationship, it is instead something that has come about largely because of the underground nature that homosexuality has had to adopt {among certain other dysfunctions} because of the psychological & sociological assaults gay youth and adults have had to face. The stigmas of being gay permeates every level of society.

It is a disservice to the majority of homosexual people out there who do practice safe sex, or who do practice strict monogamy. It is completely unjust to treat all homosexuals as ‘guilty of spreading disease’ because of the actions of a few. And besides, lesbians can’t pass many STD’s, so where is the justification for opposing this? It seems to me it should be promoted for the benefit of public healthx involving a male. And I can wholeheartedly attest that this is a HORRIFIC idea! I’m sure even straight men would have to agree that point.

If society wants to cut down on promiscuous sex in general, hetero or homosexual, (which is definitely a major public health issue) then advocating monogamous relationships is a wise choice. One way to accomplish that is encourage ALL couples to be healthy, monogamous, committed, & even married perhaps. Gay couples who show a genuine interest in being married (committed) to each other, and an interest in having a family should be supported in doing so. They shouldn't be condemned, they shouldn't be legally prevented from doing so.

What this comes down to is all persons deserve equality. And monogamous marriage as it is understood should be applied to all equally — excluding gays doesn’t allow that equality, it prevents it. Fortunately yet another nation's government has seen this logic and put it into practice. I hope that this moves forward and becomes permanent.

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