Friday, July 08, 2005

Silencing the Ignorance of Bigots

I saw an article the other day that was covering the protests in Spain over the gay-marriage and equality laws. Apparently there were groups of so called ‘pro-traditional family’ protesting the passing of the legislation. What truly pissed me off about this, was not only the rantings about how this was an assault on the 'traditional family' (how very Fundamentalist Christian/Republican of them) as well as calling it 'a disgrace', but the fact they paraded children around in masks with tape over the mouths while declaring that 'traditional family has been silenced!' — that is what truly outraged and disgusted me. How could they begin to twist the granting of equal rights to gay citizens as silencing non-gay families!? It makes no sense whatsoever. It's positively absurd and bigoted. If anyone, ANYONE has been silenced and has ANY legitimate right to be bitching, it's the Spanish citizens who have been denied the right of equality; denied the right to marry the partner of their choosing, even having to live in the closet. Those are the ones who have long been silenced, until now.

The people that have the audacity to whine and bitch because gay citizens finally getting some equal treatment should be absolutely ashamed of themselves. It would be a fitting justice for them to loose many of their rights for a few years; give them a taste of it and see what they have to say when other's judge, insult & assault them because of who they love, and desire to have sexual & romantic relations with! That would be sweet justice.

I think it is fairly obvious though what is implied here by their claim that the granting of equal rights for gays is 'silencing the traditional family' — these people once enjoyed an exclusive status, heterosexuals could couple together, marry, have kids, and so forth. Now they have to share that right with others. Their exclusivity has been taken away from them. And apparently when you have exclusive status and that status is removed & replaced with equality with a group, lifestyle, or people that are seen as inferior, it is viewed as an insult. I can understand not wanting to share their power & prestige, they're selfish that way, but it’s completely unjustified and unfair.

And this bit about silencing! Cry me a river. As if these heterosexual persons and families have ever been denied anything or ever will because of this! If giving us equal rights is truly akin to ‘silencing’ these people then by all means may they carve out their tongues because obviously nothing they have to say could be of much value.

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