Sunday, July 17, 2005

Lynch the "Turd Blossom"

I am so glad that Karl Rove is getting in deep shit over his involvement in this leaking of the CIA agent’s identity. It appears that Rove used his power for political gain for himself and/or his boss. It’s definitely obvious that, as usual, anyone that disagrees with or exposes the agenda of this White House will be smeared, fired, punished – whatever methods can be employed legally or otherwise. And while all that is going in this case is of great concern and the man should lose his job over it, all that aside, this country would be better off having Rove in a position of less influence.

Perhaps the single most important reason Bush has been as successful as he has been, in stealing his first election, winning his second one, in victories for ‘conservative’ (fundamentalist) agendas can be credited to Karl Christian Rove. There is a reason he has been given the title of "the Architect". This man has been the influence & in fact the genius behind the ignorant man chimp who would become president, or as Bill Maher used to refer to him, ‘the little Bush kid’. Karl is the reason why a total moron like Bush has been as unfathomably successful in politics as he has, because the man obviously is a bumbling idiot. The only time he’s ever been successful at anything is when other people do it for him. He is just a meat-puppet for the Neocons & Christian Fundamentalist Nazis to manipulate. They decide his policies, advise where he should be going, what to do next, what the big picture is, write his speeches, etc.

When you catch him off guard & unrehearsed you get witty verbal vomit like this. There is no way such a man would or could be as successful as he has been to be as clearly stupid as he is. His speech aside, policy decisions illustrates this just as plainly. It is a testament to just how uninformed & pathetic the masses are that so many voted for him, and still today he enjoys the approval rating that he does. (one which is FINALLY starting to get lower & lower)

Ok ok, enough about Bush, let’s get back to Rove. He has been with George ‘Dubya’ since the 70’s. He was apparently the one that advised Bush to run for Governor in Texas, and even claimed that his office had been tapped with some sort of listening device, which was never proven, but the claim & debate that followed no doubt helped to land Bush the victory.

It was Rove who is said to have advised the President on which divisive issues to get involved with, and the opportune times for it. For instance, making gay marriage & abortion corner stones for why he should be elected, as well as new Supreme Court justices, the war on Terrorism, etc. It’s as if he were fighting for the soul of America, against the feminists, atheists, queers, & bleeding heart liberals in general. And masses of older, conservative voters who didn’t even vote in the election of 2000, showed up at the polls.

The Republican Party as a whole went out of its way to make sure several states were voting in Nov. about anti-gay marriage legislation. These bastards knew the only people that were really going to show up in droves on issues like this are social conservatives, and who else would a bunch of Christian fundamentalist types vote for but a Republican. I believe Rove was behind a lot of this too. He is a political genius, he knows what he’s doing & he’s unscrupulous about doing it. And, to his credit it has paid off. I mean really, I have to give credit where credit is due, the Repuglican’s have been clever, the efforts have worked, the Democrats have lost, big time! However it’s tactics like this that make politics such the manipulative farce that it is. It further illustrates the sad truth that politics is grossly unjust & disingenuous in general.

It would seem the "architect" has probably been put into the position he has for the past several decades by the hand of socially conservative Nazis and Neocons that got Reagan & Bush Sr. into office in the 80’s, Bush Sr. as Prez in late 80’s & 90’s, thus Desert Storm, and naturally Bush Jr. along with the War On Terrorism, perhaps the greatest single achievement in gaining true right-wing power. This has been in the works for decades, and so far things seem to be going according to plan. So many of the pet projects, the secret wish lists of Neoconservatives & social conservatives are coming true, at the peril of the rest of us, most particularly the weak – the poor, the minority, the oppressed, the innocent. It’s been a steady climb to more power, more money, and more control over world governments & economies.

I’m curious to see how all this is going to turn out. I want shame & political ruin to consume these corrupt & ruthless bastards, but I know how unlikely such things are. They are in high places, they have a lot of power, and it seems Bush always gets his way, one way or another. It’s unlikely that anything serious will come of this in terms of Rove & the Bush administration in general. But we can hope. Probably even if Rove were to get in deep shit over this and lose his job, he would still be advising the president in some other position.


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